Yale’s gradSWE operates a number of outreach programs as described below (volunteer opportunities are announced regularly on our mailing list and we are always looking for collaborators).

Engineering Day

Engineering Days are held multiple times a year for groups of interested middle or high school students, with content adjusted for the particular age group. The kids are guided through the activities by young researches and engineers that can share their excitement for the amazing new skills that they are learning. All our materials are available at engineeringday.com and you can address any questions to help@engineeringday.com.

Family Science Nights

In the past, we have hosted on-campus events for for graduate students and faculty with pre-K12 kids, involving science demos and simple hands-on activities. Reach out to gradswe.yale@gmail.com if this is something you’d be interested in making happen again.

Girl Scout Fairs, Girls’ Science Investigations, and other externally organized activities

We have consistent presence at other outreach events on and off campus, including collaborating with Girl Scout troops, gathering volunteers for Yale’s Girls’ Science Investigations, Yale’s Pathways to Science, welcome events, and others.