Resources for Students and Educators

Use the below links to find instructions and other supplementary information for our outreach programs.

Automated Programmable Garden

Designing an attachment for a flower pot, complete with water sensors, irrigation pump, and red LEDs to help the plant grow. For the control of this “Programmable Garden,” the participants will program a microcontroller (a simple computer) called an “Arduino” - the “brains” of the garden.

Light Tracking Automaton

Designing a small robot equipped with light sensors and capable of tracking sources of light shining in front of it. The provided kits have two light sensors, two motors, a few simple electronic elements for control (with explanations how those work), a board on which to connect the electronic elements without soldering, and glue and popsicle sticks to build the body of the robot.

Further Resources on “Physical Computing”

“Physical Computing” is an engineering discipline and an artform where you build a computer equipped with sensors and capable of interacting with its environment, and program it to perform a well-defined task. It is used everywhere from factory floors[1] to art galleries[2], even in fashion[3]. For more information, check out the resources here.

[1]: A factory producing Arduinos while being controlled and automated by other microcontrollers https://vimeo.com/73863439

[2]: Senseless Drawing Robot https://vimeo.com/30780208

[3]: Climate Dress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0HBulcqcQ0